World-class training for the modern energy industry

Neil Harbury

A former Senior Lecturer at University of London, Sedimentology Masters Degree Director, Neil was the founder of Nautilus – the industry’s premier training business, working with over 80 companies world-wide. He is currently involved in diverse business activities but with GeoLogica he is returning to an area of particular passion – geoscience training.

Henry Pettingill

With 35 years in the oil and gas industry, for majors and independents in both domestic and international roles, Henry is a proven oil finder in multiple basins world-wide, with expertise in deepwater systems, risk analysis, portfolio management, exploration and development. With significant senior leadership roles under his belt, as well as teaching, mentoring and staff development responsibilities, he is responsible for over 50 publications and conference talks, and is an AAPG and SEG Trustee Associate.

Bob Petty

Having worked numerous projects in the Americas, Middle East, Europe, Africa, SE Asia and Australia, Bob has more than 20 years’ experience working with US majors in both domestic and international roles. He was Technical Manager at Nautilus for 15 years and, as such, was responsible for developing, administering and overseeing a portfolio of several hundred geoscience and engineering courses. In this role he also developed the first robust and integrated training program for the exploration and exploitation of unconventional resources.

Jonathan Evans

Jonathan has over 30 years’ experience working in geoscience and leadership roles in the oil and gas industry. Following a geoscience degree (Cambridge University, UK), PhD (Reading University, UK) and Post-doctoral research (Centre du Geochimie de la Surface CNRS, Strasbourg, France), Jonathan joined BP in 1990 and spent his early career in technical geoscience roles. Later, Jonathan led BP’s upstream businesses in India, Pakistan and Oman before being given responsibility for Global Access, where he oversaw the identification and delivery of all new exploration opportunities globally. This was followed by business leadership roles focused on the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa before he elected to retire from BP in December 2020 to pursue other interests. He is now a non-executive director of GeoLogica Ltd and Chair of the Trustees of Lyme Regis Museum.

Mark Hammond

Mark has a long history in engaging with climate change and energy issues, having been part of the team that negotiated the UN Climate Change Convention, and served as environment and energy lead at the British Embassy, Washington. As a visiting professor at Canterbury Christ Church and a visiting Fellow at Bath University, Mark lectures on climate change. At Surrey County Council he commissioned the first regional assessment of climate change impacts, and as CEO at West Sussex he led work on a range of environmental issues. Mark is also a non-executive board director at the Crown Prosecution Service and Vice Chair of NHS West Sussex Governing Body.

Rob Knipe

An Emeritus Professor at The School of Earth and Environment, Leeds University, Rob was the founder, CEO and Chairman of Rock Deformation Research Ltd, a global, premier structural geology business. Rob has published more than 150 scientific papers, supervised more than 30 PhDs and has been awarded honours from the Geological Society of London, including the President’s Award, the Wollaston Fund and the William Smith Medal. Rob is now involved in promoting and planning the Energy Transition and geological aspects of Carbon Sequestration, as well as enhancing awareness of the historical impact and future role of the Earth Sciences.

Richard Swarbrick

Richard Swarbrick started his career as a geologist with Mobil after completing a BSc at Durham University and PhD at Cambridge. After 10 years at Mobil, he returned to Durham, where he taught petroleum geology, basin studies and related courses. He was founder and a principal investigator of GeoPOP (GEOsciences Project into OverPressure). In recognition of his contribution to safe drilling, Richard was awarded the Geological Society of London’s Petroleum Group Medal in 2018. He is Chairman of the Durham Earth Sciences Advisory Board (DESAB) and is now focused on helping to promote the role of geoscience in the supply and storage of net-zero and non-carbon energy. Richard is a key member of GeoLogica’s advisory board for the GeoEnergy Transition.