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GeoLogica offers a full range of field course services, from comprehensive delivery to field support. Our team is equipped with the necessary personnel and experience to ensure that all field training is conducted to the highest safety standards.

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Running a technically robust, logistically smooth and safe field course involves much more than engaging a technical expert. GeoLogica’s deep expertise in all aspects of field training ensures that the technical content is relevant, all logistical items are in place and that safety management is integral to the event. Our commitment to complete field- and office-based support saves companies significant time and effort.

This exceptional field support capability allows us to provide options for companies to outsource specific elements, or hand over responsibility for the complete field course planning and delivery, according to their business needs.

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We believe that field learning is best achieved through a combination of active observation, practical exercises at outcrop and supporting classroom sessions. The field environment:

  • Bridges the ‘resolution gap’ between cm-scale core data and dm-scale seismic data.
  • Provides a true sense of scale that can be related back to available subsurface data.
  • Reinforces classroom learning.

Studies have shown that people learn best through direct observation and experience, interpreting their observations, reflecting on these experiences, then putting the learnings into practice, through exercises and on their return to the workplace. While ‘virtual field trips’ can address direct observation to a degree, the experience of seeing and examining a section of rock outcrop physically (with the accompanying sensory stimuli of the environment, weather conditions, personal interaction and discussion) cannot be replicated. These aspects contribute fundamentally to the learning experience and consolidate this in ways that classroom-based learning alone does not.

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At GeoLogica, we have the personnel and experience to conduct field training to the highest safety standards. Our unique Safety Management System is aligned to the framework provided by British Standard BS8848 (organizing and managing fieldwork and expeditions both within and outside the UK), and our trained and experienced Field Safety Officers support field activities at every step. When combined with our world-leading tutors and full logistics support, the results are a world-class learning experience for your team.



Clients are able to choose a level of support to suit their business requirements. GeoLogica can offer the following services:

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We can provide all aspects of technical course delivery, drawing on years of expertise in designing courses, with both general and specific learning outcomes. Technical support can include but is not limited to: scoping course requirements with the client; proposing field course options; sourcing appropriate expert tutors; defining content; developing course manuals and field guides; and developing exercise materials, posters and other graphics.

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Arguably the most time-consuming component of field-training provision, course logistics covers everything required to ensure the event runs smoothly and efficiently. This can include but is not limited to: sourcing and engaging third-party vendors; defining and resolving transport issues; pre-course communications; participant transfers, accommodation and subsistence; in-field support; area permits; and field course insurance.

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Our Safety Management System was designed using BS8848 and decades of field leadership experience. The support we can provide includes but is not limited to: safety planning (risk assessment, reconnaissance, contingency and emergency response planning); dedicated Field Safety Officers (outdoor, first-aid and incident management trained); in-field location monitoring with 24-hour support; and safety and insurance checks for third-party suppliers.



A field course is a unique opportunity to expand your skillset and inspire a team. Our field locations are selected to provide the most appropriate outcrop analogues, allowing participants to learn ‘hands on’. We can tailor a field course to suit your business needs and deliver a bespoke event for your team. For more information or to discuss your requirements please contact GeoLogica today.

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