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Black Friday Sale

calendar November 4, 2021

After a tricky year of lockdowns and restrictions, GeoLogica want to share a bit of happiness by announcing their winter sale – 25% off all bookings on courses running in November and December 2021. The year might be drawing to a close, but there are still some fantastic offerings on the schedule.

GeoEnergy Transition Training

From a masterclass on CCS and lessons on the role of critical minerals, to finding out how nuclear power can help achieve net zero – our energy transition programme is not only the most comprehensive in the business but our tutors are the leading voices in their areas.

22 – 26 Nov 2021

Carbon Capture and Storage Masterclass: Discover the geoscience needs for CCS projects, including CO₂ subsurface storage volumetrics, flow and the goals associated with safe permanent storage. Tutor: Richard Worden

24 – 26 Nov 2021

Critical Minerals for the GeoEnergy Transition: Covering all aspects of the crucial role that raw materials will play in the energy transition: from exploration through to supply chains, and the importance of responsible sourcing. Tutor: Lucy Crane

29 – 30 Nov 2021

An Introduction to Geospatial Workflows for the GeoEnergy Transition: A broad overview of geoinformatics and the practical application of geospatial technologies to tackle key challenges of the GeoEnergy Transition. Tutor: Richard Jones

06 – 10 Dec 2021

Subsurface Pressures for Injection of Fluids and Gases: Understand how to access and store fluids and gases in underground reservoirs. Tutor: Professor Richard Swarbrick

13 – 14 Dec 2021

Geonuclear – Technology and Deep Geological Disposal: Covering all aspects of nuclear technology, power production and deep geological disposal of nuclear waste and how nuclear power can help achieve net zero. Tutors: Jonathan Turner and Brian Matthews

Subsurface Training

Our remaining subsurface courses focus on diverse subject areas and come from two of our expert tutors. The first addresses unconventional resources and the second looks at conventional deepwater systems and how to interpret them.

06 – 09 Dec 2021

An Introduction to Mudrock Reservoirs – Basin Setting, Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Rock Properties: Explains the factors that control mudrock reservoir quality and presents practical methods to evaluate reservoir heterogeneity. Tutor: Jeff May

13 – 17 Dec 2021

Analysis and Interpretation of Growth Strata in Deepwater Settings: Learn to interpret growth strata in deepwater fold and thrust belts, salt basins and rift settings using seismic reflection data to unravel their geometry and evolution. Tutor: Bruce Trudgill

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Valid for use until midnight 30th November.