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Carbon Capture and Storage – Mastering the Science with GeoLogica

calendar February 1, 2022

Explore the science of CCS with GeoLogica and let us help you communicate and facilitate the key scientific drivers towards a net-zero world.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) remains a key technology in our step towards a net-zero future, but there is clearly a need for an up-scale in the number of CCS projects to help meet global targets. As we have seen at COP26, the requirement to share scientific knowledge and therefore improve a wider understanding of the realities and technologies at stake is key to achieving our net-zero goals. GeoLogica is happy to provide an opportunity to explore the science of CCS in our unique, tutor-led classes. Addressing a range of topics, including the fundamental question of how much CCS is needed to make a difference to global warming, our CCS portfolio not only explains the need for CCS but presents evidence as to why and how geoscientists know it can be an effective tool at mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.

Below is a summary of our CCS portfolio that includes both online and field courses. Further information on each course can be found on our website.


Carbon Capture and Storage Masterclass with Richard Worden

This course establishes the geoscience needs for CCS projects, including CO2 subsurface storage volumetrics, flow and the goals associated with safe permanent storage.

Carbon Capture and Storage for Non-technical Staff with Richard Worden

A course aimed at non-technical staff that will provide participants with an awareness of the geoscience principles and requirements for CCS projects.

Systems to Classify, Categorise and Report Geological CO2 Storage Capacity with Bob Harrison

While large-scale CCS implementation continues to be debated, a subsurface carbon storage management system will be needed when it happens. Such a framework must be capable of describing objective estimates of CO2 storage with respect to quantity and quality of available data, it must give a range of uncertainty in the estimation and provide injection project status from cradle to grave. This course reviews the subsurface carbon storage frameworks that are currently on offer worldwide.

Geologic Carbon Storage for Geoscientists and Engineers with Alex Bump, Seyyed Hosseini and Katherine Romanak

Participants will be guided through the lifecycle of a CCS project with an emphasis on key concepts, processes and workflows of the CCS industry. Focus will be on developing the geoscience and engineering skills needed to progress a project.


Carbon Capture – Reservoir Storage and Risk Elements: Insights from the Field, NE England, UK with Richard Jones

This course is framed around demonstrating the principles of CO2 storage capacity and risk elements of a prospective CCS play. Starting from basic geoscience principles, the course focuses on reservoir capacity estimation, injectivity and containment risks. The principles will be illustrated using well exposed outcrop examples from NE England, including clastic reservoirs from a variety of depositional settings (typically Carboniferous, Permo-Triassic, or Jurassic), sealing lithologies (mudrocks and evaporites), and structural controls on reservoir connectivity and containment (fractures, juxtaposition and fault zone complexity).

Explore the science of CCS with GeoLogica and let us help you communicate and facilitate the key scientific drivers towards a net-zero world.