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Critical Minerals for the GeoEnergy Transition: Dig deeper with a GeoLogica training course

calendar March 2, 2022

Explore the key concepts of critical mineral exploration and the challenges of sustainable mining.

Building low carbon technologies is very mineral intensive and these essential raw materials are set to play a crucial role in the energy transition. Critical metals’ extractors will need to generate and rank exploration prospects efficiently, evaluate project risk and increase geoscience productivity. The impact of increased extraction is, however, often overlooked. It remains vital that these materials are sourced and extracted in the most responsible manner possible.

GeoLogica has a unique selection of training courses focussing on critical minerals; these are highlighted below. For more details visit

E503 Critical Minerals for the GeoEnergy Transition with Lucy Crane

Covering all aspects of the crucial role that critical raw materials will play in the energy transition; from exploration through to supply chains and the importance of responsible sourcing.

E505 Holistic Exploration Workflow for Critical Mineral Exploration with Graham Banks and Steve Fehr

This workshop presents a recommended workflow for critical minerals explorers; from province to prospect scales, including details on the mineral system framework, exploration as a predictive activity, chance of geological success, uncertainty, risk, value of information and respectful teamwork.

E530 Critical Resources – Rare Earth Elements with Holly Elliott

This course covers all aspects of rare earth elements (REE) as critical resources, both in terms of technological advancement and combating climate change. The course delves into the major sources of these elements, their tectonic settings and the enrichment processes that lead to deposit formation.

E538 Embedding ESG in Mineral Project Evaluation: A guide for geoscientists with Jane Joughin and Ben Lepley

This course is designed for geoscientists in the exploration and mining industry to help them navigate the environmental, social and governance (ESG) labyrinth and embed ESG good practice across all stages of mineral project evaluation, from discovery to decommissioning and beyond.