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GeoLogica Launch Event, January 21, 2020

calendar February 6, 2020

Our launch event was held at 2314 Dunlavy St, Houston, and we were excited to be able to celebrate the unveiling of our 2020 program with such a fantastic group of company representatives, GeoLogica tutors and GeoLogica staff and advisors.

The aim of the event was not just to celebrate with our industry friends, but to raise awareness of our program in an informal atmosphere.

Our 2020 program has been designed to cover a broad range of core geoscience competencies and we aim to deliver the necessary knowledge for both less-experienced geoscientists and experienced staff who require specialized skills. As you’d expect, all course content and dates have been discussed and agreed with the tutors, who are very pleased to be working with us!

GeoLogica strongly believes in the benefits of field-based training so a significant proportion of our portfolio is composed of field classes. The benefits are both tangible (understanding of scale, the limits of resolution of subsurface data, the heterogeneity of real rocks and asset team development) and less tangible (industry networking and ideas exchange, staff satisfaction and well-being) but the outcomes in terms of staff performance are unquestionable.

There was much positive discussion around the program at the launch event and everyone left with a better understanding of what GeoLogica offers, as well as a warm glow from all the delicious canapés that had been eaten!

We look forward to the next GeoLogica event – come and find us at AAPG ACE in June!