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GeoLogica Launches

calendar September 12, 2019
Triassic Dolomites Italy GeoLogica

With our key staff in place, the course list nearing completion and our website up and running, we are very excited to launch our new company – GeoLogica.

The countdown has ended! After a good deal of work and plenty of sleepless nights, we are excited to be sharing our new company with the world. Our course list for 2020 is shaping up and our staff are ready to go. GeoLogica’s passion for geology, learning and best-in-class service, whether that’s health and safety and logistical support or technical know-how, has brought us to this point and now we hope to lead the way in training. We won’t be cutting corners or compromising our vision – we’ll just be taking our participants on world-class courses and enjoying every step of the way.