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It’s All in the Data

calendar May 23, 2022

Geologica are delighted to announce a new training course for 2022 – Essential Data Science for Subsurface Geoscientists and Engineers to be taught by David Psaila.

Interest in data science and machine learning is rapidly expanding, offering the promise of increased efficiency in E&P and holding the potential to analyse and extract value from vast amounts of under-utilised legacy data.

This course builds on public datasets, code examples written in Python, statistical graphics and algorithms from popular data science packages to provide a practical introduction to the subject and its application in the E&P domain.

This is an introductory level course and no specialist knowledge of statistics, coding or machine learning is required. Participants will learn the tradecraft of data import and manipulation, data visualisation, exploratory data analysis and building predictive models from data. You’ll gain a powerful working environment for data science on your own computer, which together with code examples provided by the course, will give you a jump start to applying the techniques you’ll learn to your own projects.

For further information on the course contents and to book a place, please follow the link here.

A new training course to get the most from your data!