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New Professional Partnership

calendar February 19, 2024

GeoLogica and Redlands Fault Geological Consulting partner to provide new and innovative courses to industry.

GeoLogica is delighted to announce a partnership with Redlands Fault Geological Consulting ( Combining GeoLogica’s technical, logistical and health and safety experience with Redlands Fault’s expertise is an exciting opportunity to provide the highest-quality training to the modern energy industry.

Redlands Fault was founded by Russell K. Davies, who has over 33 years’ experience working for the oil and gas industry, in exploration and development, and technology consulting services for research and development. He is a leading global expert in fault seal analysis where the concepts are applied to oil and gas but are also directly relevant to carbon capture and containment. After a career with Shell and ARCO, Russell founded and managed the US subsidiary of Rock Deformation Research Ltd (RDR). Following RDR’s acquisition by Schlumberger in 2014, Russell was appointed global advisor for Schlumberger, during which time he worked on many oil and gas projects worldwide. More recently Russell has been involved in subsurface projects working on new energy systems and carbon mitigation measures. Since the launch of his consultant company, Redlands Fault Geological Consulting, Russell has been working with clients on high-level structural geological challenges in trap and seal analysis, natural fracture characterization and structural modelling.

GeoLogica’s team has over 80 years’ combined experience in designing, managing and delivering training to the energy industry worldwide. With a passion for sharing knowledge and a dedication to excellence, GeoLogica are excited to collaborate with like-minded individuals and companies.

The first collaborations between Redlands and GeoLogica will be in-person courses scheduled for 2024: Trap and Seal Analysis – Theory and Application in Houston; and Structural Styles and Fault Characterization in Exploration and Production in the field in Moab, Utah.