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2020 Course Launch

calendar October 8, 2019
Modern Fore Reef Environment Belize

GeoLogica’s 2020 courses are now scheduled and available for online bookings.

GeoLogica are pleased to announce that their full program of courses for 2020 is now available and the on-line booking system is now live!

It is a stimulating suite of courses and we are glad to be sharing this robust and broad program. It has been designed to address the needs of a variety of oil and gas operators and we are looking forward to working with an elite group of world-class instructors who will be delivering the courses for us. All have experience of working within or for the oil and gas industry and therefore have a deep understanding of relevant issues within their chosen fields. A significant proportion of our courses are also conducted in the field as we think that the experience of observing real rocks is fundamental in understanding the complexities and heterogeneities present in the subsurface.

The courses are primarily focussed on key areas of geoscience critical to understanding subsurface oil and gas habitats. In total, we have 33 scheduled courses and have divided them into seven discipline areas to help you find the courses you require, these are:

  • Basin Analysis (broadly basin- and exploration-scale topics, including prospect analysis, sequence stratigraphy and petroleum systems analysis)
  • Depositional Systems (covering the majority of both clastic and carbonate depositional environments)
  • Geophysics (from the fundamentals, through interpretation methods to advanced AVO courses)
  • Evaluation Methods (log analysis, reservoir engineering and allied courses)
  • Reservoir Characterization (principally concerned with reservoir-scale topics, including depositional, structural and geophysical aspects)
  • Structural Geology (a suite of courses that cover the principal tectonic regimes and deformation styles, from fundamental to more specialized topics)
  • Resource Plays (structural, engineering and petroleum systems aspects, along with examination of some key formations and play systems)

As well as providing a good choice of classroom and field courses, we have endeavoured to keep our costs as low as practicable, while retaining the highest levels of tuition and health and safety, so we are confident that GeoLogica can address your geoscience training needs.

GeoLogica aim to provide a new, engaging and considered approach to geoscience training and look forward to helping train, develop and motivate geoscientists in a challenging and exciting future for the energy industry.