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Reconnecting with Colleagues and Peers: In-person training with GeoLogica for 2023

calendar March 14, 2023

Online courses remain an important part of the GeoLogica portfolio but, after the last few years of forced isolation, it is exciting to be able to return to the classroom and we are thrilled to announce a number of in-person courses as part of our 2023 scheduled training programme.

With our breadth of experience in the training sector, we know the value of in-person events, both in the classroom and in the field – the collaboration of working as a team and the excitement of meeting new people in the industry.

Field-based training is widely recognised as one of the best methods of learning, as well as providing invaluable team bonding and ideas exchange between peers. The experiential and hands-on nature of field work, coupled with practical exercises and supporting lectures, creates a powerful and stimulating learning environment. In keeping with our desire to create the best learning experiences, GeoLogica has four field classes scheduled in 2023. These include two new and innovative courses that examine how outcrop geology can inform understanding of carbon storage reservoirs.

In addition to these scheduled events, we have a broad portfolio of field courses available and continue to develop new ideas.

Our current scheduled in-person training includes:

Field-based Training:

Sand-rich Turbidite Systems: From Slope to Basin Plain, Pyrenees, Spain: 10–15 September 2023

Reservoir Characterization for Carbon Capture and Underground Storage, Devon and Dorset: 18–22 September 2023

Carbon Capture – Reservoir Storage and Risk Elements: Insights from the Field, NE England: 2–6 October 2023

Reservoir Characterization of Deepwater Systems, San Diego, California: 26 November – 1 December 2023

Classroom-based training:

Workflows for Seismic Reservoir Characterization, London: 9–12 October 2023

Predictive Sequence Stratigraphy, Houston: 23–26 October 2023

Practical Seismic Interpretation, Houston: 13–16 November 2023

All GeoLogica courses can be tailored to an individual company’s requirement, if needed, and we have many possible field and classroom courses in our portfolio.

GeoLogica looks forward to seeing you in person in 2023!