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Subsurface Thermal Resource – Explore the Potential of the Heat Beneath Our Feet with a GeoLogica Training Course

calendar January 5, 2022

There is no doubt that the utilization of geothermal resources is going to be a major contributor in our path towards the decarbonization of the energy industry and a sustainable energy future. The potential applications of geothermal resources to service our energy needs are wide ranging, from relatively low-temperature resources to heat our homes, to using steam to drive the turbines of electricity production.

GeoLogica is offering a diverse portfolio of geothermal courses covering a wide range of topics, such as the fundamentals of low and high enthalpy exploration, environmental considerations of projects, resource assessment, well technologies and engineering.

Our courses are accessible to both geoscientists and engineers and are suitable for those looking to expand their knowledge as part of an established geothermal resources career, as well as those wishing to pivot into the industry from a petroleum industry background.

Our geothermal course offerings are all online, tutor-led and interactive.

E506 Introduction to Low Enthalpy Geothermal Exploration with Mark Ireland

This course covers all aspects of low enthalpy geothermal exploration and production. It is intended as an introduction to the entire lifecycle of low enthalpy geothermal resources, covering aspects of geoscience and engineering.

E507 Geology and Fractures for High Enthalpy Geothermal with David McNamara

The course covers aspects of geoscience relevant to high enthalpy systems, including play concepts, field classification, permeability and geomechanics.

E508 Sedimentary Geothermal Systems with Jason Fisher

This course explores the different sedimentary geothermal systems that exist and how they are influenced by the plate tectonic setting, nature of the heat source and dominant transfer mechanism.

E509 Environmental Aspects of Geothermal Development with Jason Fisher

The development of geothermal resources is not without potential impacts and this course explores the environmental aspects of geothermal development, along with related geohazards, assessment tools and monitoring and mitigation techniques.

E514 Geothermal Technologies and Well Design with Gioia Falcone

An introduction to the main aspects of geothermal engineering, linking the subsurface to point of sale.

E515 Geothermal Resources Assessment: Quantification and Classification with Gioia Falcone

An investigation into the principles of geothermal resources assessment, encompassing quantification and classification best practices.

E519 Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage with Matthew Jackson

A course covering all aspects of ATES, including aquifer characterization, geological and petrophysical considerations, performance prediction, modelling and simulation, and surface engineering and infrastructure requirements.

Explore the energy opportunities of geothermal resources with GeoLogica as part of a sustainable energy future.