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The Full Rainbow: Explore the Future Hydrogen Landscape with a new GeoLogica Training Course

calendar April 21, 2022

Hydrogen is the simplest possible molecule yet it is set to have a prominent role within future energy scenarios, predominantly driven by its ability to store and deliver usable energy.

In the UK there are plans to develop a number of projects with hydrogen production and industrial usage, coupled with CO2 capture and storage. These will be driving the sustainable development of a future hydrogen economy.

A new GeoLogica course, Hydrogen Masterclass: Production, Geological Storage and Operational Engineering with Katriona Edlmann, will provide participants with an overview of the current hydrogen landscape, from hydrogen’s role in the energy transition, to its production, geological storage and the economic challenges it presents.

As the hydrogen economy grows, demand is likely to exceed capacity of above-ground energy storage technologies. There will be a need for the geological storage of hydrogen in a variety of locations, including depleted gas fields and mined salt caverns. Katriona’s course takes a focused look at the key considerations of these geological storage options, including their capacity, integrity and operational issues. Participants will learn to:

  1. Appreciate the role of geoscience in the hydrogen economy and the contribution hydrogen can make to the energy transition in support of net zero emission targets.

  2. Describe the different processes involved with hydrogen production and the associated lifecycle carbon intensity of this production.

  3. Recall details of the developing hydrogen supply chains, including infrastructure considerations, distribution networks and pathways for market growth.

  4. Describe the different geological storage options available and their capacity and spatial constraints.

  5. Understand hydrogen as a fluid in the subsurface, including its thermodynamic and transport properties.

  6. Characterise the geomechanical considerations for storage integrity and associated risks, including caprock sealing considerations.

  7. Appreciate the impact of geochemical and microbial interactions in subsurface hydrogen stores and the relevant monitoring and management tools.

  8. Describe the operational engineering considerations and monitoring of hydrogen storage sites.

Join the hydrogen debate and explore the role that hydrogen can play in decarbonising the energy system with GeoLogica training.