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The new GeoEnergy Transition training programme from GeoLogica

calendar April 26, 2021

Since its inception in 2019, GeoLogica has wanted to develop training for the imminent and vital transition towards net-zero carbon energy. Despite a global pandemic creating a few bumps along the way, we are delighted to announce today the release of a programme of courses that address this need.

At GeoLogica, we define the GeoEnergy Transition (or GET) as:

“The application of geoscience to achieve a net-zero carbon energy system.”

And the earth sciences and geoscientists are key to this shift in energy provision.

We have engaged with a new cohort of experts and practitioners in these topics, many of whom are acknowledged leaders in their chosen fields, and we look forward to working with them. The courses offered represent a broad examination of the interface between geoscience and the energy transition, and cover technical topics, such as carbon capture and storage, geothermal energy, critical mineral resources, as well as the socio-economic aspects that must also be addressed. We believe that this represents the first comprehensive and publicly available GeoEnergy Transition programme, and we will be adding even more courses over the coming months.

GeoLogica is fortunate to count many well-known and highly respected geologists among its advisors, tutors and friends, and we hope that our GET programme will find a ready audience among geoscientists and engineers, as well as many others who require a deeper understanding of the technologies, methods and issues facing the energy industry over the coming decades.

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