World-class training for the modern energy industry

Why is Training so Important?

calendar September 12, 2019

How training can help your company by keeping its staff happy.

Staff development and training is becoming one of the key drivers in the modern oil and gas workforce.

Many of the most experienced people have exited the industry recently or are nearing retirement leaving younger, energetic but less experienced staff to carry the baton in the search for and production of hydrocarbons.

These staff require a blend of on-the-job experience, mentoring and training in order to efficiently perform in the modern oil and gas era. In addition, it is becoming increasingly clear that today’s geoscientists and subsurface staff are less driven simply by higher wages.

Many of these people see several decades of fruitful employment in the industry and will seek out companies that provide the best opportunities to develop their technical skills.

Reduced numbers of graduates entering the industry means that it is vital that companies attract, retain and develop their younger workforce.

High quality, focussed and engaging training is part of the solution to retain talented staff.


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