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Ben Klooss

Benjamin is currently Chief Operating Officer and Partner at Camberwell Energy.

Chief Operating Officer and Partner, noted for successfully translating analysis into actions to deliver transformational projects to accelerate the low carbon energy transition, anticipating issues before they escalate and providing workable solutions. Identified new business opportunities, delivered impactful insights, led major projects, devised strategies, implemented plans and improved performance, working across the private and public sector. Recognised for building and retaining strong internal/external relationships; client management; attention to detail; facilitation; and clear oral/written communication skills.

Specialisations and areas of expertise:
– Climate change and energy transition
– Low carbon energy, oil and natural gas
– Energy technology
– Energy policy consulting
– Circular economy
– Market analysis
– Economics
– Investment advisory
– Strategy
– Corporate governance
– Financial planning
– Performance management
– Programme management


MPhil, Economics, University of Cambridge, 2004-2005
BSc, Economics and Politics with Study in Europe, University of Warwick, 2000-2004