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David Psaila

David is currently Director, Data Science for the Digital Subsurface at Analytic Signal Limited

David has over 25 years’ experience in the oilfield services industry with roles starting in Western Geophysical and later in Schlumberger Information Solutions. His expertise blends research and development with commercial software development in the areas of reservoir geophysics, reservoir modelling, geostatistics, and exploratory data analysis.

David has a wealth of worldwide experience of reservoir studies including quantitative time-lapse interpretation, pore pressure prediction, volumetric uncertainty modelling, and stochastic inversion. He has also developed and taught courses on reservoir geostatistics and stochastic inversion.

David founded a London-based consultancy called Analytic Signal in 2016 to explore the potential of data science and machine learning to transform geoscience workflows. He delivers consultancy, software, and training, enabling clients to exploit these emerging technologies for the digital subsurface.


PhD Geophysics and Geostatistics, University of Leeds, 1995
BA Geology, University of Oxford, 1988