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David Townsend

David is currently CEO of TownRock Energy based in Edinburgh, UK.

David is a multi-award-winning geothermal entrepreneur and CEO of TownRock Energy (TRE).

He founded TRE in 2013 after graduation from the University of St Andrews BSc Geology, having been inspired by the greatest untapped renewable energy source: geothermal energy. David’s entire work life has been dedicated to understanding the business case for all types of geothermal resource and technology. His experience has underpinned the growth of TRE, which currently has 10 staff and 4 Directors on the Board. Understanding the business case requires a deep understanding of all of the technical, environmental, social, political, regulatory and commercial factors of geothermal energy development. David prides himself in being pragmatic, straight forward and impartial, to give his clients best value for money when trying to decide if geothermal energy is a good renewable energy solution for their assets to decarbonize and save money.

David’s passion is tackling climate change. He believes that when organised by ethical leaders, business can be a force for social and environmental good. David also acknowledges the valuable role of NGOs and government in supporting the transition from high carbon to low carbon energy and encouraging behavioural change. David co-founded the 2050 Climate Group in 2014 and sat on the Board until 2018. Since then, he sits on the Board of the Scottish Energy Forum, as well as the Geological Societies Energy Group Committee.

As a result of his entrepreneurial efforts, David has won 8 awards including the “Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Energy Enterprise & Entrepreneurship” awards in 2015, and the “Inspiring Innovator” award in 2020. David has also been a finalist in 4 awards, including the Young Persons Green Energy Awards in categories of “Entrepreneur”, “Pioneer” and “Business Development”. David has raised over £1 million pounds in funding for TRE and their clients’ geothermal energy projects. TRE is currently managing a total portfolio of over £50 million capex of geothermal projects through all stages of development. David has a reputation for being a geothermal energy all-rounder, with many policymakers, academics and business leaders regularly reaching out for advice, options appraisals, cost estimates, and policy recommendations. He enjoys bringing multi-disciplined teams together from academic, private & public sectors to achieve his overarching mission of making geothermal energy a mainstream energy source in the UK and globally, to achieve the existentially important target of net-zero carbon emissions.


2013 BSc Geology University of St Andrews
WGC 2015 Short Course in Geothermal Drilling Risk Management
WGC 2020 Short Course in Uncertainty & Risk Management in Resource Quantification