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Douglas Paton

Applied Structural Geology and Tectonics Expert, Director Tectonknow

Douglas has over 25 years of experience of applying structural and tectonic concepts to industry related problems across a wide range of tectonic settings globally. Since 2020, Douglas has set up an independent consulting company, TectonKnow, which has a focus on understanding and predicting hydrocarbon prospectivity in complex structural and tectonic settings utilizing the 25 years exposure to margins globally and includes the development of the Reclus database of global structures and tectonics.

His PhD at the University of Edinburgh focused on the investigation of basement structures on continental breakup and rift basin evolution in the southern Atlantic followed by a PDRA position at the structural controls on fairway deposition in the Zeta area, Northern North Sea.

He then moved to the geochemistry and basin’s group in GFZ Potsdam where he applied structural geology concepts to the evolution of margins with a particular focus on the impact on the petroleum system in the Orange Basin. South Africa. This was followed by an Associate Research Professor position at the Colorado School of Mines applying field based understanding of structural controls on deep water clastic deposition to Chevron’s deep water portfolio.

After CSM he spent 14 years at the University of Leeds establishing a large industry facing research group that applied new insights into basin evolution and structural geology to industry problems; he was also the Director of the MSc Structural Geology with Geophysics. During this time a focus was on applying insights from hydrocarbon industry to other resource areas which forms the basis of this Energy Transition course.

In addition to delivering technical consulting projects he has over 20 years of providing a wide range of training courses and bespoke Knowledge-Exchange workshops at all levels for a wide range of clients including multi-nationals, small independents, NOCs, and Government agencies.


MA – Department of Earth Science, University of Cambridge – Natural Sciences (1994-97)
PhD – The University of Edinburgh – Geology (1998-2002)