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Greg Samways

Director of Geolumina an independent geoscience and geotraining consultancy.

Greg is a Petroleum Geoscientist with more than 30 years experience in the petroleum industry including G&G consultancy and training. He has wide-ranging experience in technical consultancy, from exploration to reservoir scale, in many geographic regions worldwide. Greg specialises in regional and reservoir geology studies and integration with geochemistry, geophysics, engineering and petrophysics at all scales. He also has research experience in coastal management, carbon storage and sequestration in coastal sediments and heavy metal contamination of coastal zones.

Greg has experience mentoring and developing technical staff, including work on a number of competence assessment programs. He has created and presented a number of classroom and field-based university and industry courses worldwide in a range of G&G disciplines, including: Basin Analysis, Play Fairway Analysis, Prospect Evaluation, Sequence Stratigraphy, Clastic and Carbonate Reservoir Geology, Reservoir Quality Analysis, Reservoir Modelling, Wireline Log Interpretation for Geologists, Formation Evaluation, Geochemistry and Diagenesis, Field Development Planning, Project Management.


Ph.D. Geology, University of Liverpool, UK, 1985-1989.
B.Sc. Honours Geology, University of Sheffield, UK, 1982-1985.