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Malcolm Ross

Malcolm currently is a consultant geoscientist.

Dr. Malcolm I. Ross is an innovation-focused geoscientist. Now a consultant, he recently worked for the New Energies Research & Technology Team at Shell, focusing on pre-strategic opportunities in the New Energies space, especially geothermal energy. He continues to teach a GIS class at Rice University. While in the Shell GameChanger team, he discovered, funded, and mentored numerous startups, including those focused on geothermal topics, and helped lead the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE as a science advisor and judge.

He holds degrees from Rice University (Ph.D.), the University of Texas (M.S.), and Colgate University (B.A.). He is currently focused on building networks of people and companies focused on accelerating commercial geothermal opportunities and R&D to meet the rising tide of expectations for a sustainable, low-carbon world.


Ph.D, Geology, Rice University, 1988-1995
M.S, Geology, The University of Texas at Austin, 1984-1987
B.A, Geology and Theater, Colgate University, 1980-1984