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Michael Monea

Michael Monea

Mike is currently President of Monea-CCS Services Limited.

Mike grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada with a passion for geology which has fueled his career path to date. He holds designations as a Professional Engineer, Professional Geoscientist and is a member of the Canadian Institute of Corporate Directors. Mike is the past President and CEO of the International Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Knowledge Centre a non-profit organization with BHP and SaskPower. This initiative represented a culmination of Mike’s CCS initiatives at SaskPower where he was in charge of creating and building the world’s first carbon capture plant for a coal electric unit valued at $1.67 billion CDN.

As a world-leading scientist, research and development is a key component in Mike’s mission to help reduce greenhouse gases through CCS technologies. His oversight of a scale-sized Carbon Capture Test Facility has ensured that progress continues to be made with international vendors on post-combustion capture systems.

Mike’s past experience in oil and gas has allowed him to understand the benefits of and opportunities for carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and deep saline reservoir storage. Throughout his career, Mike has understood the importance of partnerships at a local, national and international level. He has worked with most power, oil and regulatory agencies in China on CCS knowledge transfer. Mike has traveled the world speaking on CCS and is a sought-after panelist and advisor for this ground-breaking technology.

Prior to his work with SaskPower and the International CCS Knowledge Centre, Mike built an oil company for China based group, was CEO of the Petroleum Technology Research Centre working on the Weyburn EOR project. His oil and gas background was highlighted, being nominated as a Distinguished Lecturer for the Society of Petroleum Engineers in the area of Enhance Oil Recovery processes. Mike received the “Greenman award” from the IEAGHG, International energy Agency Green House Gas division. The Greenman Award, a GHGT Conference Series event is a means to recognize individuals who had made a significant contribution to the field of CCUS.


University of Regina, 2019