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Neal Nagel

Co-owner and Chief Engineer of OilField Geomechanics LLC

Dr. Neal Nagel has more than 35 years of oilfield and mining geomechanics experience having started as a college professor in Mining Engineering and then moving to Phillips Petroleum in the 1980s. In his 20 years with Phillips (and then ConocoPhillips), he worked on oilfield geomechanics issues such as hydraulic fracturing, wellbore stability, triggered seismicity and compaction/subsidence issues. Since 2009, Nagel has provided geomechanics consulting for both the mining and oil & gas industries, initially with Itasca Houston and then with his own company, OilField Geomechanics LLC.

Dr. Nagel has developed and provided geomechanics training courses since the late 80s. He is a well-known expert in the geomechanics of Unconventionals and has given many invited SPE, AAPG, HGS, SEG, and SPWLA presentations in the last several years as well as teaching SPE, ARMA and AAPG-sponsored Geomechanics for Unconventionals Training Courses.

Nagel has authored or coauthored more than 50 technical papers with more than 20 related to Unconventionals, including several keynote presentations. He is a past SPE Distinguished Lecturer (2004 – Subsidence; and 2016 – Stress Shadows), was chief editor of the 2010 SPE Monograph on Solids Injection, was recent co-chair of the SPE Summit on Casing Deformations in Unconventionals, and is the immediate past Chair of the SPE Geomechanics Technical Section.


BS (1981), MSc (1985) & Ph.D. (1989) – Mining Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla.