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Richard Swarbrick

Manager, Swarbrick GeoPressure

Richard specializes in the interpretation and validation of subsurface pressure data including fluid contacts and relationships, pore pressure prediction, fracture pressure prediction, identification of hydrodynamic trapping conditions and seal breach analysis.

His career includes 10 years with Mobil Oil (UK and US), 15 years teaching petroleum geology and basin studies at Durham University. There he founded the GeoPOP research group (a multi-disciplinary project investigating overpressure in sedimentary basins), and later GeoPressure Technology Ltd (now Ikon Science), a provider of software and consultancy solutions and training in subsurface pressures. He served as Global Director (GeoPressure & GeoMechanics) at Ikon Science from 2010-2013.

Richard was awarded the Geological Society’s 2018 Petroleum Group Medal Award. His numerous publications include the textbook “Petroleum Geoscience”, of which he is co-author. He is an Honorary Professor and Chairman of the Dept. of Earth Sciences Advisory Board at the University of Durham.


Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Cambridge, 1979
B.S. in Geology from Durham University, 1976