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The GeoLogica public program provides access to leading tutors, teaching a broad portfolio of courses that are open to everyone.

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GeoLogica offers a public program of classes from our extensive course library, based on industry feedback and demand. We schedule a combination of field, classroom and virtual classes that address a broad range of subjects applicable to subsurface projects from oil and gas to the energy transition.

All courses have a defined competence level, with the course descriptions providing full details. Courses at awareness and fundamental levels are designed to provide a basic understanding of a topic for those new to a subject, while courses at intermediate and advanced levels would appeal to geoscientists requiring in-depth knowledge for specialist roles.

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Understanding the subsurface is critical to the large-scale business of producing energy effectively and efficiently. GeoLogica has the capability to develop and enhance this understanding for geoscientists, reservoir engineers and other subsurface staff with our high-quality training in a variety of settings – online, in the classroom and in the natural laboratory of the field.

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Tutor-led, live online training, with interactive sessions presented at specific times over consecutive days, remains a popular lower-cost and convenient choice for many people.

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Classic classroom courses, delivered by our world-leading experts, offer a great variety of learning experiences, including team workshops and core store sessions.

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Field courses offer the combined training tools of outcrop examination, practical exercises and classroom sessions at a variety of possible locations in Europe, US and elsewhere.



Our program covers a range of competence levels, from Awareness courses targeted at those new to the energy industry or in support roles, through to Advanced courses for experienced geotechnical professionals.

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Aimed at non-technical staff or those from a different field who require a general understanding of a topic, Awareness level courses require no prior knowledge of a topic and do not necessitate a technical background in order to derive the full benefits of the course learnings.

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Attendees are expected to have a basic grounding in the discipline, with some technical skills and understanding. Typically, Fundamental level courses are aimed at new hire technical staff, those with less that five years’ experience or individuals looking for cross-discipline training.

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Intermediate courses address a wide range of training requirements, depending on participants’ technical background and level of experience. Many field courses are classed as Intermediate, as a very broad audience benefits from field observations and free-ranging discussion.

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Advanced or specialized courses typically have a narrow but deep focus on a given topic and are intended for people with ten or more years’ experience in the discipline, or for those who have a thorough grounding in the course subject matter.



Our public oil and gas courses are focused on the geosciences and designed to address the requirements of a wide technical audience, from new hires to experienced staff and those seeking cross-discipline training. Our courses are divided into the following subject areas:
  • Basin Analysis

  • Depositional Systems

  • Evaluation Methods

  • Geophysics

  • Reservoir Characterization

  • Resource Plays

  • Structural Geology



We are always talking to clients and industry bodies to help shape our public program. If you have any specific requirements, or if you’re looking for customized versions of our public courses for in-house delivery, please contact us.

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Our public GeoEnergy Transition program is very much focused on the geoscience behind the energy transition and comprises theoretical learning balanced with case studies and exercises. Courses are offered from a pool of new energy subject disciplines, including:
  • Carbon Capture and Storage

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  • Critical Minerals

  • Geonuclear

  • Geothermal Resource

  • Hydrogen

  • Multi-disciplinary

  • Renewables

  • Socio-economic