World-class training for the modern energy industry

Kelly Opre

Kelly has a background in geoscience and earned a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University and a Master of Science from Texas Tech University. Before joining GeoLogica, she spent 20 years in the oil and gas industry with Hess Corporation and Unocal. She has worked in Exploration, Development, New Ventures, Business Development and Strategic Planning. She has a passion for building relationships and driving the best results by combining her geoscience background with her strong business acumen.

Simon Baker

Following 8 years’ doctoral research and associated technical work in the SE Asia Group at University College London, Simon joined Nautilus when it launched in 1998. While there he was responsible for developing and delivering a large number of courses, with emphasis on structural geology and carbonates, and he successfully launched and managed the SE Asia and Australia Program. He has accrued extensive fieldwork experience in remote and logistically challenging locations and is an expert in field safety and group management. His 20 years’ experience with Nautilus has provided him with an extensive network of tutor and industry contacts and steeped him in the business of managing training portfolios, training programs and the nitty gritty of running successful courses.

Julie Leech

With 15 years’ experience as world-wide administrative lead at Nautilus, Julie was responsible for a team of ten people and managed over 3,000 course deliveries. As the organiser, administrator and manager of GeoLogica’s program, she has extensive experience in oil industry training, from start-up to major player, overseeing operational efficiency and skills management.

Rich Cobb

Rich’s background is in marketing, finance and business systems and he has over 15 years’ experience working in the training and education sector for both private and public sector organizations. During this time, he has developed and implemented modern, customized and integrated business systems for the training sector – from managed services software and training management systems, through to company websites and CRM solutions.

Henry Mellors

Henry graduated from the University of Chichester with an honour’s degree in Outdoor and Adventure Education. Over the 4-year course, his multidisciplinary training included group management, journey planning, technical rope skills and risk management, in addition to providing him with critical experience in a variety of outdoor settings in the UK and abroad. As a qualified mountain leader and first aider, Henry is our dedicated Health and Safety representative, responsible for ensuring both the HSE compliancy of prospective courses and the safe and smooth conduct of ongoing field courses.

Lance Morrissey

After completing a PhD in palaeontology, Lance took to the seas supervising tourists on icy adventures in the Arctic and Antarctic. In 2008, he joined Nautilus and spent 11 years as part of the global technical team developing and running geoscience training courses worldwide, with a particular focus on the clastic sedimentology training portfolio. During this time at Nautilus, Lance gained extensive field work experience, including teaching field classes in Ireland and southern England. After a year at TRACS Training in Aberdeen, working on tailored training courses and e-learning, Lance is now relishing the new challenges and exciting opportunities to be had at GeoLogica.